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Notable Cards Leaving Standard - 2017

Updated 29th March 2017

Notable Cards Leaving Standard - 2017

Year of the Mammoth

2017 ushers in the Year of the Mammoth. 2 adventures (Blackrock Mountain and The League of Explorers), 1 expansion (The Grand Tournament) and 6 cards from the Classic set will be rotating out of the Standard format once Journey to Un'Goro (first expansion of 2017) is released. Here are some of the notable cards leaving Standard format!

For more information on Year of the Mammoth, check out this guide - Preparing for Year of the Mammoth & Un'Goro.

Druid Cards

Aviana 51f6b297 Mulch 6942bdd5 Living roots dfe868d1 Raven idol cd72186a

Hunter Cards

King s elekk 342cc848 Quick shot f9c6f395

Mage Cards

Arcane blast 25d41a0f Forgotten torch c09a5c1b Flamewaker 5df35693 Ice lance de89f418

Paladin Cards

Mysterious challenger 95496f21 Murloc knight cfffe504 Anyfin can happen 7cbff1ad Keeper of uldaman ed49e0e0 Solemn vigil d6f7b61c

Priest Cards

Wyrmrest agent ce508c31 Entomb f90c9c4f Excavated evil da4f2772 Museum curator cd0912b2 Twilight whelp 7cd73e57

Rogue Cards

Tomb pillager d6fd9456 Gang up ff9a80e7 Conceal 028b771c

Shaman Cards

Thunder bluff valiant 10bb9e10 Elemental destruction 3c70b8b8 Healing wave 1955ed92 Tuskarr totemic 682e776d Ancestral knowledge c2052eab Totem golem ab0ffb5c Tunnel trogg 1f8f542e

Warlock Cards

Power overwhelming 53d58e6b Dark peddler 5aef8329 Demonwrath dc10c4e6 Imp gang boss 0c7b147c

Warrior Cards

Revenge 045c72c8 Bash c10df504 Alexstrasza s champion df7d69be

Neutral Legendaries

Sylvanas windrunner 77623466 Ragnaros the firelord 1c57ea20 Justicar trueheart 0d661451 Reno jackson efdbd76e Elise starseeker 31f78421 Brann bronzebeard 17461e78 Sir finley mrrgglton 8d3995d8 Emperor thaurissan 5094b6c1

Neutral Epics

Twilight guardian 8b7d5e33

Neutral Rares

Grim patron 46699ec0 Dragon egg 0e3af2e6 Azure drake ecffcb2c

Neutral Commons

Refreshment vendor 5ae2ef95 Argent horserider a776e31d Drakonid crusher 3723be94 Blackwing corruptor 55967916 Blackwing technician 748b6dd8

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