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Visual Guide of All Cards from Knights of the Frozen Throne!

Updated 6th March 2018

Visual Guide of All Cards from Knights of the Frozen Throne!

Expansion Information

All cards are known! Scroll down to view!!

Expansion Information

  • Release Date: August 10th 2017!
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  • There will be a total of 135 new cards - same as Journey to Un'Goro!
  • New mechanic - Lifesteal. For every damage the card does, it heals your hero for that same amount. Can be found on minions and spell cards.
  • 8 Missions featuring Icecrown Citadel - Free! (The new adventure style gameplay). Lich King will be the final boss. Completing them will reward you with 3 Card Packs and 1 Random Death Knight Hero card!

You can find more information about the expansion in our expansion information post here.

Latest Revealed Cards

All cards are out! Scroll down to view them all!

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Druid Cards

Crypt lord 46d91e69 Webweave 0592f420 Gnash d52d17be Spreading plague 07bfd946 Druid of the swarm 08a1a7c8 Strongshell scavenger 3ea8cec9 Fatespinner d467ed65 Ultimate infestation 4bb1364f Hadronox 753075d4 Malfurion the pestilent cc0a8cb4

Malfurion the Pestilent's Hero Ability

Kft plague lord ac02d3fe

Hunter Cards

Bearshark 46dc522f Stitched tracker eda800b4 Play dead bb6f9637 Venomstrike trap bace0b25 Corpse widow c7225600 Exploding bloatbat a79c620b Abominable bowman 82697e39 Toxic arrow 6b163225 Deathstalker rexxar bdbc99fe Professor putricide 3158a338

Deathstalker Rexxar's Hero Ability

Kft build a beast a90cf852

Mage Cards

Coldwraith bf63c054 Frozen clone 3da99c94 Breath of sindragosa 45a71d11 Ghastly conjurer 62f03eda Doomed apprentice 549ff62a Ice walker 3b443674 Glacial mysteries ddae5026 Simulacrum 17bcaafd Frost lich jaina 726a83c5 Sindragosa 317ed9c1

Frost Lich Jaina's Hero Ability

Kft icy touch 66a38ab4

Frozen Champion (from Sindragosa)

Kft frozen champion b362e5f7

Paladin Cards

Chillblade champion 944e761e Righteous protector 4ac60c45 Dark conviction ca1e32de Howling commander b5b6ddae Desperate stand 285b3034 Arrogant crusader 8c6d5fc7 Light s sorrow e4e8ac67 Blackguard fe125017 Bolvar fireblood b9f210e8 Uther of the ebon blade 70ac8ef2

Uther of the Ebon Blade's Hero Ability

Kft the four horsemen 36d4e666

Priest Cards

Spirit lash 6aebe3e0 Shadow ascendant 62e9ad67 Acolyte of agony f57d30f7 Eternal servitude 58071144 Devour mind 86c6f990 Shadow essence 0066e786 Embrace darkness 66cd3a8b Obsidian statue e8893039 Archbishop benedictus 799f497b Shadowreaper anduin 3a2fa2f1

Shadowreaper Anduin's Hero Ability

Kft voidform cd2fb2fa

Rogue Cards

Plague scientist 17b32f2c Leeching poison 15cadcda Bone baron 2da6f0bd Shadowblade 2a5e7bf9 Runeforge haunter fd4154ff Roll the bones b7b86208 Doomerang 39b78068 Spectral pillager 6424de60 Lilian voss 5ecdfbc3 Valeera the hollow 4fb953a4

Valeera the Hollow's Hero Ability

Kft death s shadow e9b533b9 Kft shadow reflection ad04059f

Shaman Cards

Brrrloc adbe8a25 Ice fishing d97490ad Drakkari defender 3b9a863c Ice breaker 8449f52a Voodoo hexxer a7712c40 Avalanche 72b07815 Cryostasis f4ff0975 Snowfury giant 323c0b87 Moorabi 62699441 Thrall deathseer 83188cef

Thrall, Deathseer's Hero Ability

Kft transmute spirit 16c25d2c

Warlock Cards

Sanguine reveler 7f45ecd2 Howlfiend 085c0ef7 Drain soul 20b089ef Defile 5e6a9012 Unwilling sacrifice c70b70f9 Despicable dreadlord b17c61da Gnomeferatu 3f836eaa Treachery 7601a2f9 Blood queen lana thel 67669cef Bloodreaver gul dan aa746102

Bloodreaver Gul'dan's Hero Ability

Kft siphon life 33687f78

Warrior Cards

Blood razor 0e812fed Animated berserker 78132b32 Forge of souls 379f5561 Mountainfire armor 09f2e318 Val kyr soulclaimer f6591f20 Death revenant b5b59f84 Bring it on 1ca30f83 Dead man s hand 21f35292 Rotface 2a07c853 Scourgelord garrosh e9bb897b

Scourgelord Garrosh's Hero Ability

Kft bladestorm 782af88d

Neutral Legendary

Prince keleseth f1b7fd7c Prince taldaram 47b89089 Prince valanar 17cd7945 The lich king 0eb3531a Arfus 2fc2e3ac

Special Death Knight Cards

Kft anti magic shell e6a6a0a9Kft death coil 2a7c7f9cKft obliterate 2d029295Kft frostmourne ae540e43Kft doom pact 18ca5b44Kft death grip 35454149Kft death and decay d56e12c2Kft army of the dead 67f41e79

Neutral Epic

Nerubian unraveler 1d73b67d Corpsetaker 59817a94 Meat wagon 00c5b33b Tomb lurker e57b9a5b Skulking geist 4846324c Rattling rascal 9de4b272 Drakkari enchanter 2c09ea93 Furnacefire colossus 7b30c617 Deathaxe punisher d01b75c8

Neutral Rare

Shallow gravedigger b8c8f6d3 Ticking abomination 76c35669 Mindbreaker dd70ebbd Phantom freebooter cd027230 Corpse raiser 6626b543 Saronite chain gang 287b9d69 Happy ghoul 9ad7eded Keening banshee 3db65d65 Bone drake 3a568c1b

Neutral Common

Bonemare 7ce3b460 Snowflipper penguin 2b833c48 Cobalt scalebane 5f8fa67b Necrotic geist 150db11e

Deathspeaker cd0ef3ca Fallen sun cleric b8a8673b Bone drake 3a568c1b Deadscale knight b9b5c362 Hyldnir frostrider 380a814b Night howler caebfa75 Tuskarr fisherman b2ca92ca Vryghoul af14536b Acherus veteran 77408a42 Venomancer fc600083 Skelemancer 0cdf5f2b Grave shambler 4ba9d8cd Tainted zealot b3b73bc8 Spellweaver d3c0ed56 Wretched tiller 3f02ff5f Wicked skeleton 3a7f4809 Grim necromancer acf02228 Bloodworm a4fecf6c

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